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Indy J Jewellery is about connection

– within yourself

and with the people you love.

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Our jewellery reminds you what you hope for on a rough day. It marks the unbreakable bond between mother and daughter when times are good and when times are bad. It grounds you in what’s important when life is coming at you from all directions. 

Indy J Jewellery is for mothers, daughters, soul friends, and people like me who feel that jewellery can carry a special meaning that speaks to your heart when you need it.

“What People Are Saying”

“I purchased some Indy J Jewellery for my sisters and closest friend. They were very pleased because I had chosen pieces that specifically matched their style and taste. Indy J Jewellery is a fantastic choice if you are looking for that special and unique gift to suit your loved ones’ style at an affordable price.”

Dianne D

“I personally visited Casey to choose my piece and found the mother and daughter team welcoming and helpful. With a fresh cup of coffee beside me, I loved choosing my ring with a pearl set in a sterling silver oyster shell. I wear it often and it looks good with anything I wear.”

Trudy E

“I bought myself a silver smoky quartz ring to replace a ring that was stolen. I picked it up from Casey in person and she made me feel like an important customer. I haven’t felt much self-worth since my surgery for breast cancer, so thank you Casey for being so lovely, genuine and friendly. I ended up choosing a citrine ring for myself as well and I really enjoy wearing them both.”

Alison N

“My hope for you is that Indy J Jewellery empowers you and your loved ones with confidence, love and light!”    

                                                                 Casey Everett, Founder












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